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Dec26-12, 02:56 PM
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I know I asked a similar question a while ago but still wasn't really satisfied with the answer I got. I've been thinking about an autistic persons brain or a savants brain who are VERY VERY smart, solving complex mathematic problems as infants ect.

Does technology exist that can tell you HOW their brains process, store and recall information compared to someone who isn't a savant?

What is it about their brains that is different to ours? Is there any actual proof that in some way their brain is different? Or is the only answer we have is "That they just process, store and recall information differently"

Can't just just strap some electrodes to an autistic persons brain and then to somebody's brain who isn't autistic and then give them some equations to solve and measure the activity in their brain using a CAT scanner or something :/

I really want to just think like a savant for a day. I heard that every single thing you read, see or hear is stored in a place in your brain that you simply can't access. Although savants can access this part of their brain which in turn leads them to become severally disabled yet incredibly smart. Is this true?
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