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Dec27-12, 01:08 PM
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I have a win home 64 bit system and a canon power shot 1000.

I use to plug the camara in USB and a window would open asking what do I want to do?

Then I would click import photos and it would open the import window on the bottom right side over the clock.

I would then click settings tab on this box and it would let me setup how I want to import the pics and where I want to put them.

So now I thought I would try it with my win home 64 bit laptop.

But when I plug the camara in it beeps but I have to go into computer I one and right camara and click import.
Then it opens import screen over clock but it dose not have the settings tab on the screen for me to pick where I want my pics to go.
What is diferant on my laptop did I uninstall something win needs to do what the import screen does on my desktop?
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