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Dec28-12, 12:18 PM
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I grew up in a town of engineers who fixed their own cars and televisions. My dad, FWIW, was not one of them.

One particular EE impressed me so much I decided to make it my field of study. That was until I started taking specific classes in the curriculum, and found it all too abstract.

Talking with him later, he smiled & told me all the useful stuff he knew he had taught himself.

I ended up graduating with a BSME, and went to work as a System Engineer.

My title is now “Test Engineer” with a focus on developing control system software. I enjoy what I do.

In the meantime, I still fix cars, tinker with electronics, and have restored a vintage Airstream.

Your life/job is what you make out of it. Be aware that your job duties may not necessarily correspond with your degree.