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Simon Bridge
Jan17-13, 12:59 AM
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Did you read that differently?
I'm sorry - do you mean to ask me?

My primary intention was to give the SAMHSA report (linked, post #1) the skeptical treatment ... it seemed to be somewhat sensational and looked like it was going out of it's way to give the most alarming spin on the available statistics.

Seifert and Schechter authored a metastudy which was published (2011) in Paediatrics.
The passages you quote come from the conclusion notes which form part of the abstract.

I do not intend comments on the SAMHSA report to be confused with comments on this one ... I'll go back and tidy it up. I have intended to contrast Seifert 2011 with SAMHSA - particularly in the tone and content of the conclusions and advise.

Thanks for the heads up - I'll have to go back and see if I can be clearer.