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Jan20-13, 03:32 PM
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Thanks for the source Pythagorean, I'll check it out now inlcuding Libet's experiments.

What I meant by control though, is what physiological process allows a person to engage in or manipulate the thought process? It just feels like there is a physiological process for thinking that shares similarities to features of motor control such as arms and legs whose movements can be manipulated.

Now, there are various influences of motor control, even sensory reflexes that supposdely behave independent of high level thought but creativity in dance would allow a person to move as he wishes irregardless of the inspiration, not saying the dancers movement isn't inspired it is but he is choosing to react to that inspiration therefore what gives him that ability to react?

I guess a better way to describe what I mean by control would be in computer science terms. In programming we have the FOR loop that can iterate over elements within an array. I view the memory bank that stores our memories as an array of data, this isn't to suggest that our thoughts are organized sequentially but rather to illustrate what I percieve as an analogy for the mechanism of thought.

Now considering our memory bank is like a data structure and the FOR loop is the mechanism that iterates over that structure. What would be the FOR loop of the brain and how do we manipulate it?

I'm new to researching these things therefore my vocabulary and thought process maybe off but I appreciate the response.

Also forgive me if the answer was already provided via that link :)