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Feb7-13, 06:22 AM
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Is the 4G internet tower harmful for health?

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Thank you Jedishrfu, ...wifi-eng.php link states no harm with the wifi devices used in the public areas like in-house transmitters like routers with small radius antena but gives the generic statement from the closed thread "" there is a possibility of generic/serious health issues depends on the distance from the source.

i am worried because it will be like a base station with tower of multiple sector antennas right above the roof [less than 1 meter if i am not wrong].
Personally, I don't think there's a problem because the energy emanated is too low in frequency and in strength to be able to affect any chemical bonds in your body unlike nuclear radiation and that there may be a lot of other external factors in your own environment that could be more harmful such as cleaning agents or rugs made from formaldihyde, certain kinds of plastics like BPA...

Also these health studies are fraught with politics as the industry tries to influence them and the science is so longterm and statistics based that we just dont know what to think so we fear new things.