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Feb9-13, 12:06 AM
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Well why not. They lie, cheat and commit fraud with statistics. Tell people not to see there doctor etc. All of which as a result can kill and make peoples lives worse, i would say most but i can't think one would say oh i can't help you go see your doctor etc. I mean say today i am a level 2 medic and one tiny part of my cert's are out of date i am a level 1 if i tell a casualty i am a level 2 i can get put on probation or even sacked if they think i did it on purpose. That is only an example although i agree with regular training and recertification. there client generally don't know medicine or even what evidence based medicine is really. Plus the practitioners don't have a clue there defence would be they did not believe in it enough or they thought they were helping etc which is no pardon. (plus it p**** me of that they mostly take home more in a week than i do a month lol)
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