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Feb10-13, 05:37 AM
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But that is symptoms not a cure or treatment for say cancer etc. For example o2 on its own can have a tiny pain reliving affect (very small but more than the normal placebo) so if i am worried about a patients level of consciousness or a history etc with the meds i use including gas and air i tell them the pain will go down a bit and well it does. It is the uniform and trust that is the biggest affect the o2 just is the proxy as such. Ie i say it works explain it helps enzyme releases i think and the they see the o2 and i administer it. But i am sure it is the reassurance and attention they get as the main pain relief. So i do use it to an advantage so do most. The issue is the lying cheating etc. Is it not possible to do random checks on its practitioners to make sure they are not lying cheating etc. Then they would be somewhat more honest, ie it only helps the pain and your doc will cure you then they take less meds and i think that is a good thing. As long as no magical crap is talked about