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Feb12-13, 12:03 PM
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Thanks for the insight sophiecentaur and WannabeNewton.

FYI, the only questions left are:

Also, does anyone know how to derive this equation below?

[tex]x=\frac { \pm \sqrt { { { v }_{ max } }^{ 2 }+{ v }^{ 2 } } }{ ω }[/tex]

[tex]θ(t)={ θ }_{ max }cos(ωt+ϕ)[/tex]

Does θmax need to be in radians or degrees? It doesn't matter, does it? Will it matter if I take the derivative?

[tex]w(t)={ -θ }_{ max }ωsin(ωt+ϕ)[/tex]

How can angular speed be a function of itself?