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Feb18-13, 09:10 AM
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My grandmother (age 76) was admitted to a hospital two weeks ago. One part of her diagnosis report caught my attention - her WBC count was 25000/μL of blood, which is more than thrice the optimal value. While the double value would be acceptable considering she is old and such, but I clearly do not trust those doctors there, siphoning money out of her.

What I want to know are the consequences of such leukocytosis in her age.

For the record, she has quite the problems on her part:
  1. She has a Hernia in stomach
  2. She has a fracture in pelvic bone (Probably greenstick)
  3. She has Diabetes, High BP
  4. She somewhat suffered some sort of temporary "flashback amnesia" (Probably due to increased sugar level after she was hospitalized)
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