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Feb19-13, 10:24 AM
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But it seems legit.
Given that your opening post was:
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special contact lenses that one can put on their eyes over night for some period of time, and in the morning they wake up to have perfect vision.
I'm not going to comit and agree it is legit. The idea that there are contact lenses that grant perfect vision isn't legitimate as far as I can tell. The use of contact lenses in various treatments in certain circumstances is legitimate but let's not conflate the two
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It also slows down the progression of myopia for young children according to this study:
If you flick through the list of papers there are various disagreements. Indeed the paper you are linking has a Cochrane review that shows that there is a lack of quality studies regarding therapeutic use of rigid contact lenses over other treatments (admittedly it came out shortly before this study). It doesn't see like there is a strong concensus on the issue with different studies reaching different conclusions. This isn't uncommon for treatments that have yet to be fully explored.