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Jan16-05, 12:24 PM
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He has written quite a few articles in th AJP so it's not that easy to find if you don't kwno the name of the article. Anyway I found one: Renormalization of a model quantum field theory; Per Kraus and David J. Griffiths; Am. J. Phys. 60, 1013 (1992). If you could give me the specifications of the other I would greatly appreciate it.
Yes, that's one of the two I had in mind. Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately I am away from my office this weekend so I'll only have the reference Monday. But, IIRC, this paper was also using the toy "ABC theory" so I am surprised that he does not refer to the first paper I had in mind, I would think it would be in the references.

Anyway, I'll check Monday.