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Feb1-05, 04:43 PM
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Quote Quote by Chronos
What would modern culture be like without natural male enhancement and beer commercials?
It has been a lifelong hobby of mine to study commercials and try to figure out the thinking that went into them. By chance one day I was flying home from somewhere and sat next to a top tier commercial director. Recently he did one of the staten drug commercials, crud, what is it, the one with Patrick Steward narrating and people living in a surrealistic environment? Anyway, as you might imagine, he doesn't run into many people who want to talk about his craft. It was was a very interesting discussion.

I was objecting to the commercial for Hummers, where the kid sees the rules - First one to the bottom of the hill wins - for a soap box derby-like race. He builds a little Hummer to leave the track and cut across the hill, bypassing the course, and ultimately allowing him to win the race. I claim this teaches kids that it is good, or at least it pays to cheat. His position was that the kid was thinking outside of the box, pun not intended, and he won because he was creative. I responded [approx], "but the course is clearly implied, and it is cheating because the rules should be clear to everyone. He chose to make a sneaky interpretation of the rules". Response from him; [eyes roll], "ya, someone mentioned that". I almost started laughing. He sounded so despondent.