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Feb5-05, 02:26 PM
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"hey you want it--take it. If you make it better, well then keep that secret so no one else can benefit."
This is a capitalist society. Software development is not some sort of pseudo-religious philosophy. It's about making money. When will the GPL nuts understand this?

If you are a developer and don't feel like writing a chunk of code and would rather cut and paste from a GPL'd piece of work then the original creator of the work should get credit should he/she not? GPL says develope your own code from scratch if you like. If you do then license it however you want. If you decide to use a piece of GPL'd code in your project though you must agree to abide by all of the terms of the GPL. Again, if you don't like it don't use GPL. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?
Correct. This is why many software development teams are forbidden to look at or use GPL'd software during the software development process, because of the fear that the developers will be contaiminated, therefore, letting them possibly incorporate the GPL code into the propiertary software. If anyone finds out the software developers were contaminated and did in fact incorporate the code they could be sued the FSF, etc. That's very nice of them isn't it? With the BSD, the true open-source license, all of this is avoided.

Oh, RMS is not a Linux Zealot BTW. In fact I'd say he's the exact opposite of a Linux zealot. RMS only cares about the FSF and GNU. He harps about Linux as much as he does about plan 9 or solaris or aix.
This is for the most part incorrect. RMS loves IBM, therefore, he really has no beef with AIX (at least I haven't seen it). As for Solaris, I've made it apparent that he does not like Sun. Plan 9 is now under a BSD license. If he criticizes that, he's just making an even larger mockery of the open-source movement. I haven't seen him criticize Linux lately; however, I believe I've seen it before. To criticize your own followers is pretty stupid. He wouldn't make a very good politician/businessman would he?