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Feb23-05, 04:06 PM
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Honestly, I have found all my university math classes to be a joke. They are simply way too easy. All the professors are too scared to give hard exams because of the student evaluation forms at the end of the year. The only challenging math classes I have taken are the independent study courses I have taken. My highschool AP calc class was BY FAR the hardest math class that I have taken that was taught by someone, the averages on the exams were 60 and below. My highschool calc teacher won awards from the white house for excellence in math teaching maybe thats why? I'm pretty sure that almost every single year my highschool calc teacher taught AP calc, everyone who took AP Calc scored 5 on the AP exam. I should post some of the questions from my highschool calc exams, then everyone would see what a real test on Calc I and Calc II looks like.