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Jul14-03, 11:06 PM
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Yes a starting point from which the unification of ALL the forces naturally follows and everything is causal and visualizable.
(a) You have claimed that the math is the same as in the Standard Model.
(b) You are claiming that all forces are describable by Sorce Theory.

One of these is wrong.

Oh, and what again was the definition of "causal"? Wasn't it something like being derived from premises deemed physical? Sounds circular to me.

I already have a deeper understanding of them than the standard model permits. I don't need to back-track and believe in them so that I ask only the permitted questions.
Incorrect; every advance in scientific knowledge must explain why old, wrong ideas seemed correct.

BACK IT UP!!! or give it up!!
Let's start with 2 easy questions.

(a) Why does Quantum Mechanics consider Hermitian operators?

(b) What are the Einstein field equations?