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Mar24-05, 02:06 AM
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You scared me for a second there. I thought that was your whole response and wasn't quite sure what to do. Then I noticed that the scroll bar still had a ways to go.
Sorry bout' that :)

This confuses me. I thought when Hypatia mentioned anesthesia that it was something to do with her particular ailment. Now you're doing it too. We are talking about the same procedure, right? (Honkin' big camera tube in the stern?) No wonder your medical insurance system is nuts down there. We Canuks just hop up on a table with our arses hanging out and they put a good glob of KY on the camera. Certainly no anaesthetic.)
I was talking about the sedative that was used to put me to sleep. But it was applied by an anaesthesiologist which is why I used that term instead. I didn't see the camera tube but I'm sure it's pretty small.