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Mar24-05, 11:21 AM
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Quote Quote by Crosson
but the fact is that QM was guided more in its development by experiment than by actual physics.
What?? Physics by definition develops by experiment. Saying Einstein didn't use experiment is rediculous - he just wasn't the one doing the experiments. The first page of his paper on special relativity are the Lorentz transformation equations, which are based on maxwell's equations, which are 100% experimentally derived.

There is no part of physics that does not rely on experimentation, whether before or after, and without experimentation we'd still be in the dark ages. Assumptions and hypothesis are all well and good, but they require experiment to verify them. Einstein had the habit of guessing first and testing later (with exception maybe of his experiments in photon absorption), and this ended up making him wrong very, very often, and right very, very rarely. I guess if we remember his hits and forget his misses we are to be impressed?

Saying that zapperz is impeding physics is amusing, given his employment and the hard work he does on these forums. I would love to see who had contributed more to physics, Crosson or Zapperz.