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Apr3-05, 04:16 PM
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If you're talking about using black holes as a sort of forward time machine to keep a human from aging relative to the outside world, then no. Any black hole massive enough to do that would also be massive enough to tear us to shreds.
Yes, that is what I was trying to get at, I just didn't want to come straight out and say it because I wanted to avoid the black hole issue. So I suppose we cannot create something that can alter time and still allow us to survive. If we could I suppose that would be usefull, make its time distortion feild large enough to cover an area and you can have a civilization that will never die– or age for that matter– so I suppose you would have to find a way to send children to another "time distortion" planet which could let them age until a specific time and then they go back to the civilization. But that would lead to population problems ect... (pure scifi rant)

Oh, that brings another question I could ask, if you were to strip away all the objects that cause time distortion, what would the time be?