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Apr13-05, 10:30 AM
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Then you must have missed her claims on Yahoo groups that "Maxwell equations are just math" when I asked her to derive the wave equation from them (she keeps claiming that light is ONLY a wave, yet she doesn't know what a "wave" is). She also has repeatedly claim that QM is dead" despite admitting she knows very little of it and of classical mechanics.

That has no relation to what I said.
Yes it does, because you were the one who made her to be what she's not - someone who posesses the knowledge to know what she's talking about. Unless you believe that one can learn physics in bits and pieces, and that physics are not interconnected, then knowing one aspect of it does not necessarily mean one has understood it. This is what she does and this is who you touting.

I agree. The kind of info you are advertizing fits very nicely in the bastion of the Usenet.... It also appears that this conspiracy theory about physics journals has finally reared its ugly head again....

Why don't you challenge the substance of the critique, instead of drifting into irrelevant ad hominem tangents. This is, you know, the physics section here. If you want to discuss politics there are plenty of other places you can have fun.
But it IS physics - it is the PRACTICE of physics, which I do every single working day. Unlike you, I cannot challenge something based on what you PERCEIVE as the whole raw data. While you have no qualms in already making a definitive statement that the raw data would agree with "semi-classical" model, I can't! I haven't seen this particular raw data and simply refuse to make conjecture on what it SHOULD agree with.

Again, I will ask you if you have made ANY dark current or dark counts measurement, and have looked at the dark count energy spectrum, AND based on this, if we CAN make a definitive differentiation between dark counts and actual measurements triggered by the photons we're detecting. And don't tell me this is irrelevant, because it boils down to the justification of making cuts in the detection count not only in this type of experiments, but in high energy physics detectors, in neutrino background measurements, in photoemission spectra, etc.. etc.