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Someone might be curious as to what "Introduction to LQG(Mark II)" is all about, what is the main direction, if one were to look ahead. Someone teaching a course for juniors/seniors in LQG might, by the end of the semester, want to be in sight of this body of work:

and in particular within striking distance of this 2001 trailblazer
Absence of Singularity in Loop Quantum Cosmology

it is just 4 pages. the classical BB singularity is replaced by a bounce (from a prior gravitational collapse)
later it was discovered that conditions at the bounce automatically trigger a brief episode of inflation (without fine-tuning or elaborate "extras")
see for example, "Genericness of Inflation in LQC" (also just 4 pages) and references thererin.

here are the papers which have cited this key paper:
there are currently about 75 papers which have cited it, and about half of these appeared after January 2004