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Jul30-03, 04:17 PM
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Current Human Evolution

I think evolution is still taking place but the enviromental pressure has change, mostly, in developed country. We still face disease and microbial attack. For example, some people are showing resistance to AIDS. If this resistance has a genetic basis then AIDS resistance migth be a new starting point for evolution.

Another theoritical example is that people are becoming excessevly obese. There migth be biological and social pressure for obsese people to be selected against. Therefore people with faster metabolism migth become the fitter individual. People with faster metabolism migth have a better overall health and migth be more fertile.

With human, social pressure and technology have an equal voice with mother nature when it comes to evolution wheres with animals technology (a wood stick to get ants is technology for a chimp) and social pressure have less influence.

Evolution also migth take a long time therefore we migth not see the results.

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