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May1-05, 03:38 AM
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We have already had mechanical revolutions. What happens when AI and software develops to the point where 1 professional program operator can do the work of 10 professional engineers/surveyors/etc.? What happens when buying a robot is cheaper than buying the same amount of human unskilled labor? Say that 50% of all jobs are no longer necessary to do the same real functions (creating goods, building things, and so forth) as are being done today. Where do those unneeded workers go? Do they all starve to death? If they do is that right?
Read: Society and Industrial Change by Rudi Volti

It basically says that history has shown us that AI and software can be replaced throughout the century by mechanical weevers or improved blast furnaces or electronic phone switches. New changes always seem like the end of all jobs and no one will have a job and we'll all die but the end result is always that more jobs in different or related fields are created to make up for big production-increasers. Think about it. Who ever heard of a computer technician or a radiologist or a tv-repairman or cable tv technician before the 1930's?