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May11-05, 04:35 AM
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Like I said I need physicists and meteorologists
Could scalar waves be cause of:
Artificially cause volcanoes' eruptions(because scalar waves can easily penetrate thru Earth's core,some people think that was the cause ST. Helen's volcano erupted-true or false)
To artificially cause earthquakes
Destroy hurricane(Some people think hurricane Ivan was destroyed by scalar waves
Make or cause hurricane
Mind control(well they say you could use bioregulators and neurotransmitters that actually can duplicate chemical processes in the brain-true or false?)

And do scalar waves exist at all,if they do exist can they do any effect or control over weather,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions?
If they don't would this be possible in the close or distant future?
I mean Russians and Americans(HAARP) didn't stop using these scalar waves,is there a possibility they are trying to affect the weather,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and how successful they have been by now?
I know they use this for military,but the real question what's going on?
It's hard to say,although I'm extremely sceptical-I wasn't sure if I should go on physics forum with this post.
Any thoughts from physicists and meteorologists?
Any thoughts at all?
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