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May25-05, 07:36 PM
P: 57
p prefer mechanical i think ill enjoy that more then the other engineering fields. thing is i never knew i was gonna be taking courses this hard( okay thats a lie) but i guess its the college life thats getting to me. right now im taking physics with cal 1 which is pretty damn hard, if you hang out in the college level homework help forum im sure youve seen me. im really not interested in anything else, i was thinking pre-med but i chnaged my mind. im not that good in math, im sure if i out myself to it i could be. but i think im a little slow in that department, maybe. i could be doubting myself tho. what really has me worried is that well im not that good in math, i mean ive passed all my math course with a C or better, never failed a math course before. but i have doubts. i really want to become an engineer, but it's the math im worried about. especially word problems, like the on in physics with cal 1.

do you think i could do well and become an mechanical engineer?
i know its a question i should ask myself which i think i can answer yes to, but i keep having doubts.
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