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Jun20-05, 03:22 PM
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Laughter is a localised software reboot. Take a joke for instance. We hear it, its new, its got incongruity, we laugh. The brains software can't deal with the incongruity. The input/output IO map seems to be in error. The language process software reboots. Simple. The incongruity it still there. We have another reboot. Hence the cyclic nature of laughter. After a number of reboots the incongruity becomes less incongruous. Rebooting stops. Think about your computer experience. We need to think about the brain as a software device. It is a computer, it processes information. Can information be processed without software? DNA is software. We feel better after laughter because our ram held concerns have been weakened by the reboot. What else could be explained by bio-rebooting. What about stammering, epilepsy and the biggest reboot of all, the oohh orgasm. Can you count to three during an orgasm. No. Your brain is off-line to you. You could be on another planet. Thinking about the brain as a software device will open a new window to gaze through and look thoughfully upon the human condition. Why not get University Computer Science Departments brainstorming with the