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Jun23-05, 11:23 AM
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this 1995 piece by Baez has some gossip about Loll.
She got her PhD at London Imperial (where Chris Isham is) in 1989
and Baez says she was a postdoc working with Isham at some point after that.
Baez says he met Isham, Ashtekar, and Loll in 1991 at a conference in Seattle where they all three were giving LQG papers.
I am going to try to put this jpg snapshot of Renate Loll in

there may have been an article about CDT in Nature, last October. havent found it on line but did find this
dated 8 October. it doesnt have the photograph I expected and seems to have been abridged
this greek-language version has the photon and is more complete (still havent found the english version online)

the physics blogger Dave Bacon (the "Quantum Pontiff") had a short intuitive description of what happens in CDT
he didnt get anything much in the way of perceptive or pertinent comments unfortunately. CDT too new.
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