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Jul18-05, 02:06 AM
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I think science really has a disconnect with the important people in society. Its the anti-nuke pukes and people who tell us that LA is going to be submerged in 3 years due to some random glacier melting a bit that have too much power. The people in the rational scientific community need to try to take more power in high places instead of sitting back adn saying "oh every leader is so dumb, look at us smart people know how to fix the world!". Unfortunately, in a democracy/insane country like the US, its hard for wide-spread non-scare tactics to go very far.

I mean if science had any decent power in the UN or G8 or US government, Kyoto never would have been implemented in the pathetic form that it did.

Look at California... 33 million people or whatever... and only 4 nuclear reactors and of course people are constnatly demanding that dam's be DISMANTLED. There seems to be too many people that think these strange exotic alternative fuels are the best hope and they get so much say. I mean sure theres a lot of alternatives... but man, some of them really really suck and have no potential but of course, thats what everyone focuses on. Another problem is rather hard to define but lets just put it this way; they wanted to build a wind-farm off the beaches of i believe santa monica. Bunch of rich hollywood actors got mad, told the california government that they didnt want it.... and they got there way.

I say more nuclear power, it'll give us a little more time to figure out a better way to solve these problems.