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Juan R.
Jul23-05, 12:53 PM
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The bolded text is untrue. The extra dimensions ARE required by the stringy physics. Seems to me all you express in these posts is attitude, your own or somebody else's. There are pertinent things to say against string theory, but you haven't said them, and you can't as long as you refuse to couple to what the theory really says. I recommend Zweibach's book for a fast track introduction..
Please read carefully my complete post before doing "incorrect" replies.

As said

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Curiously string theorists omit to say to public why bosonic string theory needs of 26 dimensions. It is not a prediction (it is a needed) because other dimensionality is permited by the formalism.
I was expressing that popular idea of that 10D is a consequence of elegance of string theory is not true, since that dimensionality is forced to fit experimental data on tachions and others inconsistencies. Therefore, it is a adaptation of the formalism of string theory to available experimental data and not a question of mathematical elegance or a "derivation" from it.

Moreover, let me illustrate to you that some people is searching 4D versions of string theory like a form of eliminating compatification problems.