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Aug4-05, 12:30 PM
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Les is correct to point out that observing a correlation between brain activity and conscious experience is not, in itself, sufficient grounds to deduce the nature of the causal relationship between the two. Of course, that latter topic is itself the subject of much discussion and debate in the sciences and philosophy.

However, I think we can and should proceed with this discussion without delving too much into the deeper metaphysical issues; those are further questions that are best left to other threads. Along these lines, saying that the brain is conscious, or that the brain produces or is causally responsible for conscious experience might seem relatively harmless, but in reality these phrasings are theoretically loaded. However, if we restrict our discussion to the neural correlates of consciousness, we can still have a fruitful discussion here that is faithful to the thrust of this thread's topic, while remaining neutral on the more complicated metaphysical issues.