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Aug12-05, 04:07 PM
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Your intuition lead you to misunderstand my previous post... read it again, I never claimed that you could progress on pure intuition. You chose to intuitively judge my position. You were wrong. I would not have pointed that out had you read and understood before you responded. I stick to my original post.

an x factor or a multiplier relies on the value first... i think you should know this better than I... as i'm not a physicist. I prefer to twist my own words, I don't appreciate having my words twisted for me, thank you. an apology for your oversight would be accepted in the name of progression of this thread, which I think is a valid question on your part.
Now it is your turn to actually reread at what I posted. Notice that in the first two paragraphs, I was addressing what you said here:

you do realize that as you learn anything in school, you are taking for granted that the infromation that you are receiving is true.

Some students will need to take a leap of faith in hopes to understand the concepts with practice, while others will immediately have a basis for understanding due to a path of reason that derives from observed and transfered experience (intuition).
And then, noticed what I did. I said:

Quote Quote by ZapperZ
But can one actually LEARN physics by simply using one's intuition? I disagree.
I posed a question in trying to go BACK to the original question of this thread. I did not attribute that to you, nor to your posting. Now maybe I should have said something to the effect that we are now going back to the original question, but I believe nowhere in there did I make a claim that you said this. It was STILL addressing the original point made in this thread.