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Aug15-05, 11:48 PM
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While including drowsiness may seem like an effect rather then a side effect, when studied in sleeping pills it usually refers to drowsiness apart from the intended period. This is obviously a problem with sleeping pills in general, but never the less a side effect.
That could be the case, but don't you think they'd list it as something like "drowsiness during the day" or "prolonged drowsiness" or just something to indicate it was something outside of the normal drowsiness that's supposed to help you sleep? All they said was "drowsiness" amidst the list of other side effects.

I recall seeing a commercial for detergent, I belive it was Tide, once (this must have been a good year or two ago). They showed a split screen, some pretty flash on the left (pouring the liquid out of the bottle in closeup, flowers, grass, that sorta thing) and the right half split vertically into Before and After examples. Both were animated, the Before slightly more stained then the After. Then, both stains faded (yes, the Before as well) until the Before was only slightly stained (as if washed, but kind of improperly - the sort of thing that would normally be labled "other leading detergent" or something) and the After completely clean. I was totally flabberghasted, trying to stutter out an explanation of what just went down to my wife. She hadn't noticed and didn't seem to feel it was especially odd, even after it seemed like she understood why I thought this was unusual. I never caught it again and never heard anything about it. I'm still sort of wondering if this is some kind of self-irony or prank, surely no one could make such a devestatingly bad demonstration by accident?
That's like those various ads you see in magazines for stuff like wrinkle creams where they show the before and after shot, and it's actually the identical photo, but just brightened with a bit less contrast in the after shot (the entire background is altered, not just the person).