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Sep22-03, 09:39 AM
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As Smolin pointed out in his Three Roads Book, there is a third road troden by those who discarded both relativity and quantum theory as being too flawed and incomplete to be proper starting points. To an extent some of the VSL crowd is part of this third path, even though some of us who hold to VSL concepts clearly accept both String Theory and LQFT. I think personally that the truth is found at the intersection of all three paths. This combined path involves deep, philosophical questions such as, 'What is time?' or, 'How do we describe a universe in which we are participants?', and other strange questions that have always puzzled mankind. It involves coming up with whole new conceptual worlds and mathematical formalisms, some of which those involved in String Theory have encountered.

Time becomes an important issue in terms of what and how we describe gravity in the continuing develpement of the dynamics of those geometries.

When you move to the Z direction it is already understood that the 2d configuration of the brane enlists the mind to gather length and width(longitudal and transverse understandings as extensions of the photon and the information it carries, along with the graviton, which can leave the brane.

Rotation in having left the brane, is a undertanding of what happens in that Z direction and follows in the undertanding of GR. Time then becomes then becomes the dynamics of movement of the graviton and the photon and there spin orientations.

This logic follows the idea of moon mapping that I have detailed in the other thread as well as elemental consideration in the detection of gravitational variances in those elemental considerations?

Why Iron?

Again I am open to corrections.