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Sep2-05, 12:14 PM
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You mean microtubules as in Roger Penrose's microtubules? There's a whole debate on that already, although the focus is on quantum mechanics, not electromagnetism.
Actually, I believe we have to give Stuart Hameroff the credit for coming up with that one.

Yes, his idea regards quantum mechanical processes in the brain, but let's disregard that possibility for a moment. The concept may or may not be proven. What I was suggesting was the possibility that microtubules could act as transmitter/recievers for neurons like miniture radio stations. If this were true, that might predict there are electromagnetic fields within the brain that correspond to the information about which we are consciously aware. The neurons might be calculating things across synaptic gaps, but the neuron might have a secondary reaction to the electromagnetic field which might serve as a 'canvas' of information we are aware of.

Would it be possible that the brain processes information in more than one way, and the way in which the information is processed results in either conscious or subconscious awareness of that information? I think the unique idea here is that perhaps there are two methods of interpreting information by the brain.