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Sep23-03, 03:58 PM
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Question Compton effect

Thanks for trying to answer me Mr Chi but my problem remain,I will make myshelf clear.

If the wavelength of the X-ray photon before the collision with the electron is then after the collision the wavelength of the X-ray becomes bigger because the X-ray photon looses a part of its momentum because of the interaction with the electron.

Lets call this new bigger wavelength . When we are using X-rays the Compton effect is noticeable because the difference - is measurable, but when we are using visible photons the is equal to and we can not notice the Compton effect.

And my question is the following:

The wavelength does not change because the of the visible photon is 100000000 times bigger than the diameter of the electron and so the photon actually can not see the electron? or because the changing of the momentum during the collision is so small that the difference between and can not be measured in our labs?

What is realy happening I am very curious,aren't you?