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Sep8-05, 03:49 PM
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The 1972 film Images is a good one. It tracks a character who is apparently schizophrenic. In a way, the viewer sees the action unfolding through the eyes of the main character-- at times, the plot is confusing in such a way that it is difficult to disentangle fantasy from reality. Narration and music are also used somewhat subtly and effectively to put the viewer in the 'schizophrenic' mood.

Here's a plot summary from IMDB:

A man and his wife visit their weekend cottage located in a scenic but isolated corner of the countrytside. The man is in good spirits but has his mind on other things. He doesn't pay much attention to his wife's concerns. She's experiencing a mental deterioration in which she "sees" a former lover who was killed years ago in a plane crash. A family friend now drops by to visit with his 12 year old daughter. The wife isn't always sure whether these visitors are real or imaginary. Her deterioration continues, leading to tragic results.