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Sep26-03, 01:09 AM
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I did not intend to advertise but to answer a point raised by Clausius2, who started the forum -

"I heard the gravitational interaction is explained in terms of gravitonts"

I intended to show that in current Particle Physics Theory it is possible to find a place for the graviton. Clausius2 seems to be of the opinion that the graviton is limited to Relativity or Astrophysics. That is why I was careful to point out that the graph referred to is not restricted to my own proposals but applies equally to the Standard Model. The data used to construct the graph was taken fromThe Particle Explosion, a well known and often quoted Particle Physics book.

My point is that the Standard Model already uses the data necessary to unite Relativity and Quantum Physics, it is just a question of how you arrange the data for display. You do not need my ideas to do this; but I could not resist the tempation to say "you need my ideas to explain it".

I note the Forum Mentor's comment and will not subscribe further unless requested to do so by Clausius2. My thanks to wolram for his reply.