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Hans de Vries
Sep16-05, 12:06 PM
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Quote Quote by Aether
I don't think so, Hans. We actually perceive only dimensionless ratios (, and all judgements of simultaneity ultimately depend on one's choice of clock synchronization convention.

Looking at one of the images in my post above sitting right in front of it.
Take a picture from sufficiently far away. The photo will group together all
the space/time points which have equal time in the particular reference frame.
There's no choice here.

Regards, Hans

PS: For two points, say one left and one right of the center, having the same
distance to the viewer. You can take a picture from any distance and you'll
always fetch the same two space/time points togeter. Even though you have
c going at all kinds of angles, with all kinds of different ratios of its x and y