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Sep29-03, 03:14 PM
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I am reminded of a Usenet SPR post from Jeffery Winkler that I quoted at the head of a nearby thread called "Interesting Argument Among String Thinkers". It was 27 september post, if I remember, and here's part of what it said:

"...I don't think there's anything wrong with the anthropic principle. If you take M-theory + inflationary cosmology + anthropic principle, you get the majority view among physicists.

Jeffery Winkler"

there is an argument floating around based on "the majority view among physicists" but I am not sure as to how well-founded or even useful---in actual science that is.

To me, the most interesting critique of string thinking is from within (e.g. Tom Banks) and from those (e.g. Peter Woit) completely outside quantum gravity. Of course there is always the question of what is propaganda and in whose interest and what is it being used to enforce. LQG researchers rarely bother to criticize string-think but simply describe what is distinctive and different about their approach and why they think it is interesting.
this is not a propaganda attack and if there is "Emperor's Clothes"-type criticism it is more apt to be internal or come from a different quarter