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Sep19-05, 11:24 AM
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Quote Quote by dunners
what evidence do we have that everything in our memory is stored?
and what evidence do we have against it?
My take on this is that you are asking if memories are stored in our mind like a hard drive or if its something else.

I came across an interesting idea the other day. It said that pre-cognition and memories are events taking place in parallel universes, of the parallel you. Well if you dont like the term parallel universe, perhaps the term worldline will suffice. imagine there are an infinite number of worldlines, each with its own measure of divergence. So in this worldline, i am good, perhaps in a nother one i am "bad." It all measures out though, if there are an infinite number of worldlines, there are good, bad, and everything pseudo.

So reggie miller picturing the shot before its taken, could actually be him having a communication of sorts with himself having already taken the shot in another worldline. Same with the past, it could be yourself trying to communicate with yourself.