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Oct2-03, 02:49 PM
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Originally posted by Eh
The 3 large spatial dimensions are still expanding, and will forever.
Objection! Speculation.

There is no reason why this must be true, Eh. Of course, it might be, but then M-Theory would be disproven

In the ekpyrotic (or cyclic) model, our universe of infinite volume expands forever, but it is the collapse of an extra dimension that produces the effects of the big bang.
I don't understand what this means. Can you expound?

Also, M-Theory predicts that the other "wrapped up" dimensions are contracting, as the 3, that we are used to, expand. Thus, the so-called "bounce" effect (in M-Theory) is really just the idea that, once space reaches the Plank's size it will no longer be measurable in terms of vibrating strings, and must be measured in terms of wound strings, which would then be expanding.