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Oct1-05, 06:26 PM
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Wow, that sounds like an interesting topic. Were they ever able to distinguish a mechanism of action for this palinopsia.
That mention is simply made in conjunction with occipital lesions. In other words they're simply correlating lesions at a certain location with specific sorts of symptoms. They don't always have a good idea of the exact mechanism: why that lesion leads to that particular distortion. "Palinopsia" seems to be applied to any experience where there is some form of visual repetition, and I've read of several different things that fall under this heading. I'm really only offering it as an informed suggestion about your experience.
Sounds more like occipital activity, but you're right about the ability of the seizure to spread, so I'm not sure.
Yes, your experience sounds to me like it involved the temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes all at once. I would say this must have been the right hemisphere, because if it had been the left hemisphere you would probably have suffered a language deficit of some kind.
Definitely a possibility though. How are you so familiar with all of this?
I was very struck and impressed with Oliver Sacks' book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat. This lead to reading many of his other books, then similar books by Harold Klawans (another neurologist), then I happened on a book about synesthesia by Richard Cytowic, which mentioned that the deja vu was a common simple partial. Since I had had so many of these crazy-making deja vus, this info lead to a study of seizures in general, and especially the interesting book Seized by Eve LaPlante. I used to go to the medical library of the local university quite a bit and look articles up in the back issues of neurology journals and since I got on the web I've been able to read first hand reports of all kinds of seizures by people posting on epilepsy websites.