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Oct7-05, 06:13 PM
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t = y(T-ux/c^2).
I am wondering why t is dependent on x.
The person who told you that there is no known MECHANISM for the Lorentz transformation and time dilation told you the truth.

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In my opinion, the answer given by that guy is somehow make me uncomfortable, it is just like when we apply a programming language (let's say C++), we just need to KNOW THE RULES, but no need to UNDERSTAND how the mechine language (or the computer) operate. In other words, we use it and treat it as a "black box."
But physics is a black box. Do you really expect to learn universe engineering from physicists and be able to understand everything, from a few childish principles?

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How can we learn and understand nature in this way?
If you can't comprehend what is known, how on earth are you going to be able to comprehend what isn't known?