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Oct16-05, 06:17 AM
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The deja vu is an incredibly weird sensaton that the present situation you are in is unbelievably familiar, as though you are remembering it from the past even though there's no way it could already have happened.
Neurologists have proven that it is caused by a tiny bit of seizure activity in the neurons of a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Even though this is technically seizure activity it's nothing to get worried about: all that means is that the neurons are firing all at the same time for no good reason.
The hippocampus is a major contributor to memory, and performs some vital function in the storage and retrieval of memories. When it gets a power surge like this it creates the false impression that the present is a memory, when it isn't.
A small seizure like this is called a simple partial seizure. This means it is confined to one small location in the brain, and that there is no loss of consciousness.
Most people have at least one deja vu in their lifetimes, some have many more than that. The hippocampus is part of the limbic system of the brain, which is the very touchiest part, the most likely to experience seizures.
What is interesting to me is that there is an opposite to the deja vu called the jamais vu. When a person has this kind of simple partial things around them seem weirdly unfamiliar. They fail to evoke the proper feelings of recognition despite an intellectual realization that you should recognize them. They feel all strange and wrong.
Here is a site that describes some of the many other weird symptoms that simple partial seizures can cause:
Simple Partial Seizures
To add another of my 2¢ on how weird my mind is:
A few days a week, I get this deja vu many times per day (~6?). Its a common part of everyday life for me. There is an odd correlation between looking between small stacks of things, and deja vu. Jamais vu describes a feeling I get when I stare into a mirror, into my irises sometimes. Everything just feels so unfamiliar, the word that best describes it is "alien." The world and I just feel so alien to me. Eventually I get scared and must look away, so I know where I am and who I am.