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Mar18-03, 11:07 AM
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As a first year student of physics, time ago, I had also written in my notebook a kind of technicolor theory, ordering fermions in a plane according charge and generation number. I never got to see how to prevent an infinite number of generations. So I guess I abandoned it soon.

Next year (1987, for the record), some companions and myself discussed about cellular automana, but we were unable to understand how to approach a continuum limit in a sensible way. So it become forgotten too. I remember I told of our ideas to a senior teacher, who suggested me to keep a notebook "because when you are young you have ideas but you havent got the technique, while when you are elder you have the technique but you do not gat any new idea".

I kept the notebook and while all the notes there are unuseful, it brought a second-order benefit: It helps to keep momentum, this is, you keep getting couriosity (and some ideas!) even as you grow older :)