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Oct16-03, 10:53 AM
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Dark Matter as primordial Black Holes in extended Halos

Astronomers find first 'dark galaxy'

19:00 15 October 03

If they are right, this could resolve a problem in dark matter theory. In our local group of galaxies, we know of only about 35 dwarf galaxies, but simulations of galaxy formation using dark matter suggest there should be about 500.

If most of these dwarfs are dark galaxies with no stars, that would explain why we have missed them until now. The reason HVC 127-41-330 and its kind are dark may be because they have too small. Without enough mass, their gravitational forces would be too weak to cram gas together densely enough to form any stars.

Stephen Battersby [/B]

Or it may be that the correct theory is that Blackholes create Stars and not the other way around?

Early detection of Star production!..proto Galaxy!

This is where my theory of Blackhole's are reponsible for creating, Stars, and thus Galaxies (all BH's are at Galactic core's).

It will be seen that Stars evolve from BH's and not the other way around.