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Oct20-03, 12:12 PM
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Originally posted by marcus
Eigenguy writes:
But I have to decide which theory to spend time on and if no one will give me a good answer to my questions what else do I have to go on but what most experts think). Also, the comparisons of LQG with m-theory is written by LQG not m-theory people so maybe LQG people like to play my theory is better than your theory?

What I request is that you suggest one of the best introductory but technical LQG papers and I will try to understand it. All I ask is that you be willing to help me understand it.

What would be wrong with your trying to learn M-theory! You may misunderstand where I am coming from. I am glad for you if you are interested in M-theory and get into it and learn some.

I dont have any interest in "recruiting" you to something that interests me. What I like to do is find people already sharing my interests and study something that interests us together (hopefully without interruption and distraction by people who are not interested!)

I dont like the idea of playing "missionary" to you. You should not feel like you need to learn loop gravity!!!! If you already have an interest in stringy topics you should go with it---you can find plenty of people to talk to at PF. I happen to find string/brane stuff not interesting because it doesnt address what I think is the most exciting problem now: quantizing GR

Maybe I do not understand you and you really are interested in loop gravity and want to learn it. In that case several people including myself who have already been reading in the literature on it will be happy to try to help you find reading material you can understand (at least I will be happy to try and probably others too).

This business of finding a match between a person and the online literature is not as simple as you may think. It requires that you SAMPLE different things to see what, for you, is the "introductory but technical" article that is right.

I am not really sure you are interested in loop gravity (you sound already convinced that you should learn M-theory) but perhaps I should assume you have more interest than I hear, and suggest some reading to sample. I will try to do this. I'll mention some things to taste and you tell me if you like them. (if you really want to try to do this)
I came here interested in M-theory but there are no threads like yours and selfadjoints. (Also I just got a response to my request for an explanation of what is wrong with M-theory (S&M theory as he called it) with a long discouraging report on the subject. Basically he said that "if it's correct we will know - in about 150 years" ha ha. Hopefully it won't take as long for LQG). I will therefore start with LQG and Rovelli's book which looks easier and more leisurely then Thiemann.