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Dec6-05, 09:47 PM
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I read with interest Penguino's plans to have his PC shutdown at midnight, but is better or not for the longevity and total functionlity of the PC to always leave it on?

I used to in earlier years leave my PC on 24/7. In consideration of wearing out parts, HDs, fans, etc. I have since turned off my PC after daily use.

But, in light of HP desktop "bios" conflict with HP printers and accessories that destroyed my PCs hal.dll file and required a complete reformat and set-up - I ask if placing it in STANDBY or HIBERNATE when NOT in active use permits a longer useful life, and fewer operational problems? Given also how Windows and critical PC bios and other OS files are put under more work during START-UP.

What is the expert view of power-up/operating today's PCs?