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Dec7-05, 08:43 PM
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This is a great idea Hypnagogue!!! I'd definitely be willing to participate (I wanted to start up something like this in biology a while ago, but didn't get much interest then...I think we didn't have enough people focused on any one area of interest at the time).

Just looking at how much discussion the CEMI paper generated, I think it's a viable option.

As for articles, we may just have to limit ourselves to articles over a year old if we want to keep them accessible to everyone. Many journals make their content freely available after a 1 year period. While I'm at home, I can check which are accessible because I don't use our university server from here, which means I see what the average person not affiliated with a university sees until I enter my login information.

For neuroscience topics, one of the top journals in the field is the Journal of Neuroscience, which makes articles over 1 year old freely available to anyone (you can open them in html or download PDF formats, depending on preference). This is a good resource for articles.