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Jan5-06, 02:21 AM
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I`m not talking of time scales close to the big crunch.
Am I correct in thinking that when the universe was 300000 years old photos "broke free" from the radiation and flooded out into the expanding universe, we see this in the COBE and MAP images of the Cosmic background radiation.
Going back to a point approximatly 300000 years before a big crunch, matter density would be comparable so would tempareture. Matter would break down, but we now have blackholes, where as they didin`t exist at the start of the universe! could they black holes 'eat' the radiation around them and survive to "the end"?
I`m thinking that the big crunch would never happen. That all matter would fall into blackholes and that all black holes would merge leaving behind one single super super massice blackhole.

But what you are left with then, is a multitude of Particle Production Factories:

so, there may be some form of 'matter-energy' symmetry "reconfiguration"?